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The Stars in the Sidewalk

"Dredged up by an unexpected tragedy, the familiar cry from the depths of his soul to numb himself, called out again. The casket of regret he had meticulously buried years earlier, resurfaced with the newest flood of shame. This time it brought back a hundred pairs of eyes. They appeared to push through his walls, covering the dusty paneling of his trailer, while screaming their silent accusations. His resurrected pain was calling from the darkness, but as he pulled against the rusted chains, its selfish grip tightened around his heart.

“My demons don’t die easy,” he gasped out the tortured prayer through parched lips. “Where are you now?” was his only amen.

As the room began to spiral he wondered if he was alone in his struggle, or was this God pushing him through his suffering to finally face his buried pain?“ Will I ever be free?” he asked his dark ceiling again.Without warning the tattered mini-blinds rattled in the window across the room and on the wind came the name, Angie. The random thought caught him completely off guard. He reached for his phone, believing his beautiful counselor had beckoned him. The eyes of shame glowed a furious crimson at the intrusion of hope."

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The Stars In The Sidewalk. My Demons Don’t Die Easy.

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Immigrant. Patriot.

One family's struggle for freedom and faith in a world gone mad. The call of freedom has propelled millions of immigrants to journey thousands of miles from all corners of the globe to come to America over the last four hundred years. This story details the incredible cost that some are willing to pay to drink from freedom's fountain.

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5.0 out of 5 stars First time a book ever made me cry, and I still loved it!
Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2020
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Loved this book! The author presents this history as much more than a bittersweet memoir or a mere series of dates and events. This book unfolds as a story of souls. It demonstrates how one’s love of another, of country, and of God can shape our world for generations . It also gives word to the deep sorrow and loss that comes from war, bitterness and deceit. I love the place of honor that God, family, and country hold in these pages.

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Jesus is Better than Porn

Honest, hard-hitting, helpful and hopeful. Habitual sins, like pornography addiction, are only a problem for unbelievers, right? Wrong! Becoming a Christian is only the start of a lifelong battle against sin. This book is the story of one man's courageous battle against sin, in the power of God's spirit. Hugh’s story shows that any Christian can be trapped in the dark pit of sin, even a respected pastor, feeling isolated and too fearful to ask for help. But Hugh’s story of heartbreak and humility and trusting in Christ, shows that God makes a way back.

This is a story of God bringing back life and grace, after terrible pain. It can be your story too. That's what the gospel is all about! Sin leads to death, but in this book God (and Hugh’s practical advice) shows us a far better way: JESUS is so much BETTER than porn!

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Grace in a Maze: How to Make it Through

A map is more helpful than a pep talk when you are stuck in a maze. God cares deeply about each aspect of our earthly existence. He has therefore provided grace to carry us through these down-to-earth challenges. Consider this book your map through the Maze!

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